Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon's Metro HomeShare (MHS) is designed to support individuals from all backgrounds and ages in securing affordable housing and to allow those at-risk of losing their housing to gain stability through homesharing.

The program model includes a thorough vetting process to ensure both the Home Provider and the Home Seeker feel confident about entering a successful homeshare agreement.

Home Provider Criteria:
>> An individual with extra space in their home, who is able to legally rent the extra space, and is willing to live with a housemate and share common areas of their home.
>> An individual seeking assistance in the form of rent or services or a combination of both.
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Home Seeker Criteria:
>> An individual (or in some cases a couple or family) in need of housing who is willing to live with a housemate and share common areas of the home (e.g., kitchen, living room, backyard, etc.).
>> An individual willing to participate in a service exchange agreement as part of the homeshare arrangement (e.g., housekeeping, pet care, companionship, etc.).
Download Home Seeker Intake Form.

Download Client Criteria & Agency Referral Sheet.


>> Interested applicants will complete and submit an application form and documents.
>> MHS staff will conduct home visits and run background, rental and credit checks, ensuring the applicant qualifies for the homeshare program.

Download Home Provider Application
Download Home Seeker Intake Form

Completed applications can be received by:
>> Mail to Metro HomeShare, 10011 SE Division St., Suite 314, Portland, OR 97266.
>> Email PDF form to
>> Hand deliver at In-person client orientations. For client orientation dates, please refer to Metro HomeShare’s Facebook page.

The Process

Client Orientation
>> Home Providers and Home Seekers will attend separate orientations to receive information and coaching on interviewing and entering the homeshare agreement.

>> MHS staff will collect information and build a client profile in the MHS Database.
>> Match candidates will be released to Home Seekers following the intake.

>> Home Provider and Home Seeker will complete a phone interview.
>> Both clients will meet with dispute resolution office to complete the contract negotiations.
>> Clients will be offered an optional trial move-in period before the final agreement is signed.

>> Clients will sign and finalize the rental agreement alongside MHS staff and set a move-in date and a 60-day match follow-up appointment with dispute resolution.
>> Once the Home Seeker has moved into the home, the match has started.

Post-Match Support
>> Clients will attend the 60-day match follow-up with dispute resolution.
>> MHS staff will conduct periodic check-ins to evaluate and track progress.
>> Ongoing support from MHS will continue for two years after the match is made.

Exit Process
>> When clients are ready to end a match, MHS staff will conduct exit intakes with both parties.
>> If matches are ended on good terms and clients would like to be re-listed, MHS staff will re-enter them into the MHS database.

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location 10011 SE Division St., Suite 314, Portland, OR 97266
phone (971) 271-5195
Andrew Brown, Metro HomeShare Program Manager