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At Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO), our volunteers are among our most valuable assets. Last year, nearly 600 volunteers donated almost 30,000 hours of their time, saving EMO an estimate of over half a million dollars. Without volunteers, we couldn’t touch the lives of the nearly 20,000 people we serve throughout Oregon each year.

Interested in volunteering your time for EMO? There are a lot of opportunities for volunteers – help feed the hungry, care for creation, share your wisdom, minister to refugees, help keep things running, provide community outreach, or share a special skill.
Each of these programs welcomes your volunteer help.

Food Services HIV Services
Northeast Emergency Food Program Russian Oregon Social Services
Second Home Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees
SOAR Immigration Legal Services Group Activities

Service takes time and commitment. Many opportunities allow for ongoing work with clients and involvement with a core of other volunteers. Sometimes a regular volunteer commitment is not possible. Certain projects are one time only or need no special training or regular schedule.

To serve through one of the avenues mentioned or for more information about service, please call (503) 221-1054 or send an e-mail to

Food Services
If you want to combat hunger and promote food sovereignty in your community, please consider volunteering in either the Patton Home kitchen or garden. It’s great fun, and we’d appreciate the help! Call Russ Miller at (503) 335-1116 to learn more.

HIV Services
EMO's HIV Services programs provide services for low-income people living with HIV / AIDS, including nutrition, socialization and counseling. Volunteers for HIV Services deliver meals to homebound individuals, transport food to the HIV Day Center, help in the kitchen, provide activities for clients and assist with regular HIV Day Center activities.
To volunteer for any of the following positions (week-days only), call (503) 460-3822 or email

Meal Delivery Driver – Deliver nutritious packaged meals to homebound people with HIV / AIDS in the greater Portland area; one afternoon per week, one to three hours.
Lunch Delivery Volunteer – Pick up and deliver lunch to the HIV Day Center; 12:15 to 1 p.m., one day per week.
Day Center Support Volunteer – Provide support to Day Center staff in meal preparation and serving, dishwashing and cleanup, answering phones, ongoing client service and any other creative skills; one morning per week.
Donations Pickup Volunteer – Sort through clothing donations from a local store and deliver to the Day Center; one evening per week.
Other needs include:
• Arts and Crafts Volunteer
• English Tutor
• Massage Therapist
• Hair Cutter

Northeast Emergency Food Program (NEFP)
The Northeast Emergency Food Program provides nutritionally balanced food for families and individuals in emergency situations, and we depend on over 120 volunteers to do so. To volunteer for one of the following positions, call (503) 284-5470 or email

Liaison: Work with your church, synagogue or house of worship to coordinate food and clothing drives, our Christmas in July program, offerings, volunteers, communications and deliveries.
Inventory Assistant: Assist staff with receiving deliveries, storing food and stocking shelves (mornings).
Bagger: Assist clients with packing food boxes, getting produce and bread (afternoons).
Greeter: Welcome clients, answer questions, sign up clients for other services, serve coffee and pastries, help keep folks organized and taken care of (mid-day/afternoons at Luther Memorial; Thursday evenings at Genesis).
Office Assistant: Help with inventory, reports, phone answering, faxing.
Backpacker: Help provide weekend food to homeless school kids – pick up backpacks from school on Monday and store them at our facility, fill the bags and return them to school on Thursday or Friday. We provide the school contacts and, through donations, the food and backpacks.
Courier: Pick up bread or produce from the Oregon Food Bank, houses of worship, supermarkets and other retail outlets one day each week.
Clothing Center Assistant: Sort, arrange and display clothes in the clothing center. Help people find the clothes they need and keep records of the number of items they take.
Cleaning and Maintenance: Help with clean up (late afternoons) and occasional repairs or improvement projects.
Vacation/Emergency Specialist: Substitute for our regulars during their well deserved breaks or when we find ourselves really short on help. Be on the on-call list to help fill food boxes, interview recipients, stock shelves, unload trucks or help us in a variety of ways on short notice.
Community Service: High school and college students, you can volunteer after school, on weekends, and over holiday and summer breaks, and gain valuable experience and good references on your resumes.

Russian Oregon Social Services
Russian Oregon Social Services (ROSS) serves the Russian-speaking population in Portland and Southwest Washington. ROSS provides services such as English (ESL) classes, citizenship preparation classes, community orientation, agency referrals, domestic violence services, mental health counseling, breast health education, dental care and pro-bono legal consultations. To volunteer for one of the following positions, call (503) 777-3437.

In-Home Tutor - Spend time one-on-one with a Russian speaking person or family, helping to develop and improve their English skills.
Mentor - Mentor Russian-speaking victims of domestic violence.
Office Assistant - Assist in the office; knowledge of Russian is required.
Pro-bono Attorney - Provide legal consultations.
Child Care - Provide child care twice a month for two hours for domestic violence support group participants.

Second Home
Second Home is a community response to the difficult problem of providing housing for unaccompanied, homeless youth while they attend Beaverton, Gresham-Barlow or Lincoln County high schools.
To volunteer for Second Home, call (503) 221-1054 or email

Home Provider – Provide short-term or long-term housing for a Second Home student, background checks and application required.
Student Support Team – Support a Second Home student through holiday and birthday cards, attending their school events, tutoring and more. Background checks may be required.
Community Organizer – Join us in raising awareness around the issue of youth homelessness in our communities, speak to your organization or congregation, assist staff with fundraising events, coordinate volunteers working together to support our youth!

Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees (SOAR)
Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees, an affiliate of Church World Service, resettles hundreds of refugees a year. SOAR links sponsors—congregations, friends or community organizations—with refugees before they arrive in the United States, and helps sponsors welcome and assist the refugees in their adjustment to a new life in the Portland metro area. To volunteer for one of the following positions, call (503) 284-3002 or email

Sponsor refugees.
Acquaint refugees to American culture.
Tutor English.
Pick up refugees from the airport.
Accompany clients to appointments, either on public transit or with private vehicle.
Donations Coordination: Solicit and pick up donations.
Contribute money to help meet emergency financial needs.

SOAR Immigration Legal Services
SOAR Immigration Legal Services provides culturally competent, immigration-related legal representation and education to low income refugees and immigrants in and around the Portland metro area.
SOAR Legal depends on the assistance of volunteers to serve the needs of our clients. To volunteer for one of the following positions, call (503) 384-2482 or email

Citizenship Instructor: Teach Citizenship Classes to immigrants interested in becoming U.S. Citizens.
Citizenship Day or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Day Volunteer: Provide one-on-one assistance to low income immigrants who are eligible to apply for Citizenship or DACA. All Citizenship Day and DACA Day volunteers are required to attend a training prior to participation in an event.
Interpreter/Translator: Provide translation of documents and interpretation for clients during appointments and interviews with US Citizenship and Immigration Service.
Law Students: Conduct research, interview clients and assist with case management.
Legal Assistant: Provide administrative support to attorneys and accredited representatives.
Pro Bono Attorney: Provide pro bono legal services to SOAR’s low income clients.

Group Activities
We also have a number of group volunteer opportunities at our program sites or at your church. Special projects may include collecting furniture and items for refugees, constructing care kits, sorting and moving food, and organizing special events. For more information about group volunteer opportunities, please call (503) 221-1054 or email

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