Community Food Security:

> Broadens the traditional concept of hunger.
> Is when all people have consistent access to nutritionally adequate, culturally appropriate and reasonably affordable food at all times through non-emergency sources.
> Embraces a systemic approach to the causes of hunger and poor nutrition within the local, national and international communities.
> Complements the emergency food system; reliance on charitable food donations is an unfortunate but necessary component of life for low-income families living on the brink of crisis.
> Focuses on building resources to increase self reliance, while food banks and community pantries distribute free food to the hungry to meet their immediate needs.

Community food projects are designed to increase food security. Projects attempt to increase the food resource network to include:

Farmers’ markets
Community supported agriculture
Traditional and non-traditional grocers
Community gardens
Co-ops and buying clubs
Food pantries
Micro-enterprise programs

Our commitment to nurturing community food security includes:

In partnership with Kitchen Commons, we host a monthly community dinner where we focus on a popular-education model of community building, share delicious vegetarian dinners, and foster a bilingual English/Spanish community of empowerment and support.

Work with the Portland Community Gardens Produce for People program, the Portland Fruit Tree Project, neighboring gardens and farms, local plant nurseries (such as Dennis7Dees) and even our own backyard garden to promote, foster, and provide resources for locally grown foods and the act of gardening.

Educating and empowering community groups and individuals around local food issues. Working with EMO’s Public Policy Advocacy, as well as the Oregon Food Bank advocacy team, we use data, personal stories and other voices from NEFP to advocate for legislative change.

Building community partnerships to ensure a comprehensive safety net for our neighbors in need, with a strong focus on the Cully neighborhood.

Every other month, we host the Portland Food Project, which collects food from neighbors in their signature green bags and then gathers all the donations for redistribution to a multitude of food pantries.

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NEFP location
Luther Memorial Lutheran Church, 4800 NE 72nd Ave., Portland, OR 97218 (accessible by Trimet bus lines 71 and 72)
hours 12 to 3 p.m., Thursday and Saturday
phone (503) 284-5470
A’Jay Scipio, Program Manager