EMO's Northeast Emergency Food Program provides nutritionally balanced food for families and individuals in emergency situations, and we depend on over 250 volunteers to do so.

Due to COVID-19 protocols and restrictions, Walk-In volunteer are not permitted.  Please contact us at nefp@emoregon.org or jheath@emoregon.org to learn about the many amazing volunteer opportunities at NEFP.

Here are some ways you can become involved:

Liaison: Work with your business, school, church, synagogue, mosque or house of worship to coordinate food and clothing drives, our Christmas in July program, donation offerings, volunteers, communications and deliveries.

Inventory Assistant: Assist staff with receiving deliveries, storing food and stocking shelves (between 9 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.).

Shopper*: Assist clients with filling shopping carts with groceries (between 1 to 4:30 p.m.). *Most needed.

Greeter: Welcome clients, answer questions, sign up clients for other services, serve coffee and pastries, help keep folks organized and taken care of (mid-day/afternoons).

Intake Specialist: Help interview and process clients (afternoons). Use our electronic database to track clients’ visits and keep accurate demographic data. People with foreign language skills encouraged! Most needed languages include Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese and Somali.

Sacajawea Mobile Pantry: Help select inventory from pantry, load up NEFP box truck with supplies, drive or walk to meet truck one block away at Sacajawea Head Start, distribute food to families, and engage with clients and school support staff.

Courier: Pick up produce and dairy from the Oregon Food Bank, houses of worship, supermarkets and other retail outlets one day each week (as needed).

Clothing Center Assistant: Sort, arrange and display clothes in the clothing center. Help people find the clothes they need and keep records of the number of items they take.

Garden and Landscape Assistant: Help maintain NEFP pantry garden and grounds. Assist in planning garden space, harvest from garden and herb beds, and other beautifying or landscape concerns.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Help with deep cleaning projects and occasional repairs or improvement projects.

Vacation/Emergency Specialist: Substitute for our regulars during their well-deserved breaks or when we find ourselves really short on help. Be on the on-call list to help clients shop for items, interview recipients, stock shelves, unload trucks or help us in a variety of ways on short notice.

Community Service: High school and college students can volunteer after school, on weekends, and over holiday and summer breaks, and gain valuable experience and good references on your resumes.

To volunteer for any of these positions, contact NEFP

Location: Luther Memorial Lutheran Church, 4800 NE 72nd Ave., Portland, OR 97218
Phone: (503) 284-5470
Email: nefp@emoregon.org

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NEFP location
Luther Memorial Lutheran Church, 4800 NE 72nd Ave., Portland, OR 97218 (accessible by Trimet bus lines 71 and 72)
hours 1 to 3 p.m., Thursday and Saturday
phone (503) 284-5470
email nefp@emoregon.org
A’Jay Scipio, Program Manager