The EMO Board of Directors are people of faith (clergy or lay) who are supportive of EMO's mission and are charged to manage the business and affairs of EMO.

Board Officers
The Rev. Roberta Egli, Chair
The Rev. Sean Langdon, Chair Elect
The Rev. Michael Grogan, Immediate-Past Chair
The Rev. Paul Belz-Templeman, Treasurer
Barbara O'Hare, Secretary

Program Committee Chairs
The Rev. Erika Marksbury, Community Ministries
The Rev. Richenda Fairhurst, Creation Justice
The Rev. Cecil Prescod, Public Policy Advocacy
The Rev. Andrew Bansemer, Theological Education & Dialogue

Administrative Committee Chairs
Julia Banner Spence, Development
The Rev. Paul Belz-Templeman, Finance
The Rev. Michael Grogan, Governance
The Rev. Sean Langdon, Personnel

Constituent Members
The Rt. Rev. Diana Akiyama
Shawn Daley
The Rev. Ernestein Flemister
Alaide Vilchis Ibarra
The Rev. Beverly Jackson
The Rev. Linda Jaramillo
Patty Nance
Jane Synder
Pedro Sosa
The Rev. Alicia Speidel
The Rev. Charlotte Wells

Lifetime Member
The Rev. Dr. Rodney Page


location 245 S Bancroft St., Suite B, Portland, OR 97239
phone (503) 221-1054
fax (503) 223-7007