Fossil Fuel Divestment

Key Bill McKibben Articles
The Fossil Fuel Resistance - Bill McKibben [Rolling Stone]
Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math - Bill McKibben [Rolling Stone]
Playing offense: It’s time to divest from the oil industry, Jan. 02, 2013 by Bill McKibben

General Information
Go Fossil Free
Top 200 Fossil Fuel Companies
A Campus Guide to Fossil Fuel Divestment
Fossil Fuel Divestment 101 - Swarthmore Mountain Justice
Unburnable Carbon - Carbon Tracker Initiative
Divest and Reinvest: A Faith Based Guide
More churches calling for divestment

Reinvestment and Fossil Free Investments

A Complete Guide to Reinvestment
Green Century Fund
Trillium Investments

Resolutions, Statements and Overtures by Faith Communities

Go to for petitions and reports on faith-based divestment efforts and post your own information.

Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon Board of Directors passes fossil fuel divestment resolution
In 2013, the Board of Directors of Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon (EMO) voted unanimously to approve a resolution to divest EMO's investments from the top 200 fossil fuel companies and commit to a spectrum of strategies to reduce the use of fossil fuels, our carbon footprint and complicity with the fossil fuel industry. It also encourages other faith-based institutions and denominations to consider divestment and the spectrum of strategies. View the resolution.

Biblical Reflections on Faith and Climate Change Action

Episcopal Church
The UCC to divest fossil fuel stocks. Should the Episcopal Church?
Diocese of Olympia passes fossil fuel divestment resolution

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Story on the resolution passed by the Oregon Synod in May 2013
Another story on the passage of the resolution and part of the back story

Move Our Money, Protect Our Planet Campaign of Shalom Center
Beyond the Letter of the Law: Jewish Ethical Investing in Light of Climate Change

Presbyterian Church, USA
Council Approves Overture to General Assembly 2014 on Fossil Fuel Divestment

Unitarian Universalist
National: Action of Immediate Witness on fossil fuel divestment.
Passed: Fossil fuel divestment AIW
Local: Four UU congregations pull investments from fossil fuel companies

United Church of Christ
Local: Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ Resolution Urging Divestment from Fossil Fuel companies.
National: Resolution Urging Divestment – Along with Other Strategies – From Fossil Fuel Companies to Address Climate Change.
Original resolution sent to UCC General AssemblyResolutions, Statements and Overtures by Denomination – Other Countries
Resolution from the Uniting Church in Australia passed in April 2013

Shareholder Advocacy

The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR) is the pioneer coalition of active shareowners who view the management of their investments as a catalyst to promote justice and sustainability in the world. Many EMO member organizations are members of ICCR.


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