March 27, 2019, "Beyond Jordan Cove: Healing what is broken" OpEd
March 22, 2019, "EMO honors Reyna Lopez with Young Visionary Award"
March 22, 2019, "EMO honors Neil Kelly Co. and Kelly family with Humanitarian Award"
March 22, 2019, "EMO honors Ron Steiner with Ecumenical Service Award"
March 21, 2019, "EMO statement on New Zealand mosque shooting"
Feb. 28, 2019, "EMO honors Kay Toran as Ecumenist of the Year"EMO honors Ron Steiner with Ecumenical Service Award

Nov. 2, 2018, "Home-sharing program mutually benefits homeowners and individuals who seek affordable housing"
Oct. 29, 2018, "EMO statement on Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh"
Oct. 9, 2018, "EMO announces ballot measure recommendations"
Aug. 9, 2018, "EMO statement of moral imperative to support refugee resettlement"
May 18, 2018, "
EMO statement on Palestinians’ right to demonstrate peacefully"
April 6, 2018, "EMO honors E.D. Mondaine as "Ecumenist of the Year"
April 4, 2018, "EMO posthumously honors Pastor Hardy with "lifetime of Service Award"
April 4, 2018, "EMO awards Thomas Aschenbrener for commitment to equity and social justice"
April 4, 2018, "EMO honors Rose Haven with "Ecumenical Service Award"
April 4, 2018, "EMO honors Thornberry for leadership to end hunger in Oregon"
Jan. 4, 2018: Hearing the Cries for Justice” to focus on criminal justice reform

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