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Press Release Archives

March 27, 2019, "Beyond Jordan Cove: Healing what is broken" OpEd
March 22, 2019, "EMO honors Reyna Lopez with Young Visionary Award"
March 22, 2019, "EMO honors Neil Kelly Co. and Kelly family with Humanitarian Award"
March 22, 2019, "EMO honors Ron Steiner with Ecumenical Service Award"
March 21, 2019, "EMO statement on New Zealand mosque shooting"
Feb. 28, 2019, "EMO honors Kay Toran as Ecumenist of the Year"EMO honors Ron Steiner with Ecumenical Service Award

Nov. 2, 2018, "Home-sharing program mutually benefits homeowners and individuals who seek affordable housing"
Oct. 29, 2018, "EMO statement on Tree of Life Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh"
Oct. 9, 2018, "EMO announces ballot measure recommendations"
Aug. 9, 2018, "EMO statement of moral imperative to support refugee resettlement"
May 18, 2018, "
EMO statement on Palestinians’ right to demonstrate peacefully"
April 6, 2018, "EMO honors E.D. Mondaine as "Ecumenist of the Year"
April 4, 2018, "EMO posthumously honors Pastor Hardy with "lifetime of Service Award"
April 4, 2018, "EMO awards Thomas Aschenbrener for commitment to equity and social justice"
April 4, 2018, "EMO honors Rose Haven with "Ecumenical Service Award"
April 4, 2018, "EMO honors Thornberry for leadership to end hunger in Oregon"
Jan. 4, 2018: Hearing the Cries for Justice” to focus on criminal justice reform

Sept. 8, 2017: EMO condemns President’s Trump’s decision to end DACA
Aug. 14, 2017: EMO statement condemning violence in Charlottesville
May 31, 2017: Statement by Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon on the tragic murders on Portland's MAX
May 4, 2017: Electioneering by houses of worship undermines prophetic voice and independence
May 2, 2017: EMO calls on Oregon’s elected leaders to create an equitable system of taxation that adequately funds a strong safety-net
March 29, 2017: EMO honors Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary as “Ecumenist of the Year”
March 29, 2017: EMO honors the Collins Foundation with “Ecumenical Humanitarian Award”
March 29, 2017: EMO honors Sahar Bassyouni of the Muslim Educational Trust with “Religious Education Award”
March 29, 2017: EMO awards the Hon. George A. Van Hoomissen for ecumenical service
March 29, 2017: EMO honors Andrea Williams of Causa with the “Young Visionary Award”
February 28, 2017: EMO speaks out against threats to Jewish Communities across the nation
January 27, 2017: EMO condemns moratorium on all refugees and immigrants from Muslim-majority countries
January 25, 2017: A joint statement on executive order of moratorium of refugees from Catholic Charities of Oregon, Lutheran Community Services Northwest, Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon and IRCO

November 30, 2016: Oregon faith leaders' statement on death penalty commutation
October 7, 2016: EMO announces ballot measure recommendations
June 13, 2016: EMO statement on Orlando tragedy
April 12, 2016: EMO to honor community volunteer Ron Means with “Ecumenical Service Award
April 12, 2016: EMO honors Oregon prison chaplains for innovative interfaith approach to restorative justice
April 12, 2016: EMO honors the Climate Action Coalition with “Vollum Ecumenical Humanitarian Award”
April 12, 2016: EMO honors Charles McGee III with inaugural "Young Visionary Award"
April 7, 2016: EMO names The Rev. Dr. Marilyn Sewell "Ecumenist of the Year"
March 2, 2016: EMO statement on minimum wage bill signing
Feb. 18, 2016: EMO statement on House minimum wage vote
Feb. 11, 2016: EMO statement on Senate minimum wage vote
Jan. 14, 2016: Jan Musgrove Elfers named executive director of EMO

Dec. 29, 2015: 2016 Earth Care Summit explores renewing Creation from the ground up
Dec. 15, 2015: Press conference against Islamophobia
Dec. 10, 2015: EMO statement on anti-Muslim rhetoric
Nov. 23, 2015: EMO affirms commitment to resettle all refugees
Nov. 10, 2015: The Gospel of Conquest: 2015 Collins Lecture will explore Native Americans, Christianity and the Doctrine of Discovery
Sept. 8, 2015: Interfaith Vigil for Creation: Prayer for Pope Francis' historic address to Congress
June 19, 2015: Local and national faith leaders praise Pope Francis’ historic encyclical on environment and human ecology
June 18, 2015: EMO statement on Charleston shooting
April 1, 2015: EMO to honor Jericho Road with "Ecumenical Service Award"
April 1, 2015: EMO to honor New City Initiative with "Ecumenical Service Award"
April 1, 2015: EMO honors Senator Wyden with "Vollum Ecumenical Humanitarian Award"
April 1, 2015: EMO honors Rev. T. Allen Bethel as "Ecumenist of the Year"
March 27, 2015: EMO commends Oregon Department of Corrections for new program to find innovative alternatives to solitary confinement
March 17, 2015: Dine out, fight AIDS on April 30
March 2, 2015: EMO executive director accepts new interfaith leadership position in Texas

Nov. 25, 2014: EMO responds to grand jury decision in Ferguson
Nov. 24, 2014: EMO responds to President Obama’s announcementof administrative relief for immigrant families
Sept. 26, 2014: EMO endorses driver card and GMO labeling ballot measures
June 10, 2014: EMO statement on Reynolds High School shooting
April 21, 2014: EMO to honor First Christian Church of Silverton with "Ecumenical Service Award"
April 15, 2014: EMO honors Rev. Lynne Smouse López as “Ecumenist of the Year”
April 15, 2014: EMO honors Sho Dozono with “Vollum Ecumenical Humanitarian Award”
April 15, 2014: EMO posthumously honors Dr. Nohad Toulan and Dirce Angelina Moroni Toulan with “Two Pauls Award”
April 11, 2014: Environmental journalist Bill Carter speaks onglobal mining boom and food and water impacts
April 8, 2014: "EMO praises bipartisan senate vote to shed light on U.S.-sponsored torture"
Feb. 18, 2014: “Charter of Compassion” founder Karen Armstrong will explore
the transformative power of compassion at the 2014 Collins Lecture

December 18, 2013: Kaiser Permanente community grant fosters healthy beginnings and better food access for Rockwood residents
July 9, 2013: Community Food Assessment pinpoints food needs and opportunities in Gresham "food desert"
April 4, 2013: EMO honors Rev. Kent Harrop as “Ecumenist of the Year”
April 4, 2013: EMO honors Wajdi Said with “Two Pauls Award”
April 4, 2013: EMO honors Joe Weston with “Vollum Humanitarian Award”
April 4, 2013: EMO honors author Tom Krattenmaker with “Louise Hunderup Religious Education Award”
April 4, 2013: EMO to honor Kate Lore with “Ecumenical Service Award”
April 4, 2013: EMO to honor Gorge Ecumenical Ministries with “Ecumenical Service Award”
April 2, 2013: Dine Out, Fight AIDS on Thursday, April 25, 2013

December 12, 2012: EMO statement on Clackamas Town Center shooting
October 12, 2012: Food justice dinner featuring author Tracie McMillan supports healthy food for all
October 10, 2012: Prof. Gary Dorrien to speak on “God’s Economy”
September 10, 2012: EMO urges NO vote on Measures 82 & 83
August 6, 2012: EMO expresses condolences for victims of Sikh temple shooting and encourages national day of solidarity
August 2, 2012: New website promotes watershed and wildlife projects on congregation land
July 20, 2012: Local faith community responds to Colorado shooting tragedy
June 29, 2012: Community-supported solar project on Salem church to be dedicated July 1
June 15, 2012: EMO applauds the Obama Administration’s announcement
April 2, 2012: A simply delicious way to support a worthy cause! Dining Out for Life hosted by Subaru on April 26: Dine out, fight AIDS
March 28, 2012: Avon Breast Health Outreach Program awards grant for breast cancer awareness
program to Russian Oregon Social Services

March 27, 2012: EMO honors Mary Jo Tully with “Ecumenist of the Year” award
March 26, 2012: EMO honors Marcy Westerling with humanitarian award
March 26, 2012: EMO honors Corvallis faith leaders with “Two Pauls Award”
March 26, 2012: EMO honors journalist Nancy Haught with “Louise Hunderup Religious Education Award”
March 20, 2012: Robert Ingram to receive posthumous EMO Award; The Rev. Dr. LeRoy Haynes, Jr. installed as EMO Board President

Nov. 23, 2011: EMO commends Governor Kitzhaber for execution stay
Nov. 8, 2011: Microenterprise handbook for congregation kitchens available
Oct. 11, 2011: Religious community urged to join search efforts for missing Portland man, Mark Bosworth
Oct. 4, 2011: Fr. Richard Rohr to speak on Restoring Sacred Balance
Oct. 4, 2011: Healthy food drives encouraged for first annual national Food Day on Oct. 24, 2011
May 24, 2011: EMO installs new leadership: First Latina elected president of EMO Board
May 2, 2011: Oregon religious leaders issue moral challenge to state Legislature
April 25, 2011: Forum explores ethical issues of climate equity
April 21, 2011: EMO honors interfaith leader Salma Ahmad with “Two Pauls Award”
April 19, 2011: EMO awards the Rev. Alcena Boozer “Ecumenist of the Year”
April 19, 2011: EMO honors Rep. Dave Hunt with religious education award
April 19, 2011: EMO honors St. Mary's Catholic Church in Corvallis with service award
April 19, 2011: EMO honors Northwest Portland Ministries with service award
April 5, 2011: A simply delicious way to support a worthy cause: Dining Out for Life
March 11, 2011: Diverse Oregon religious organizations sponsor Interfaith Advocacy Day 2011
Feb. 7, 2011: Interfaith community to hold vigil for peace in Egypt and the Middle East
Jan. 26, 2011: Earth Care Summit gathers and inspires congregations going green

Nov. 10, 2010: Who is our neighbor? Imagining beyond our borders (2010 Collins Lecture)
Oct. 29, 2010: Clergy breakfast inspires faith-based health equity work
Oct. 8, 2010: EMO opposes new casino, endorses voter owned elections
Oct. 8, 2010: EMO organizes 10/10/10 Global Work Parties for Portland metro area
Sept. 21, 2010: New website offers tools for faith communities to fight childhood obesity and promote health
Aug. 20, 2010: International public high school for immigrant students now enrolling for fall
Aug. 19, 2010: Earth stewardship sermons honored
June 30, 2010: Fences make good (garden) neighbors at Westside Community Gardens
June 29, 2010: Free summer ESL program offered by PICS
June 25, 2010: EMO issues statement calling for immigration law reform
June 11, 2010: Interfaith summit will focus on the needs of homeless children, youth and families in Oregon
June 7, 2010: EMO denounces health professionals' involvement in experiments on detainees
June 4, 2010: EMO urges end to blockade, continuation of peace negotiations in wake of Gaza flotilla violence
May 27, 2010: New buying club in north Portland aims to make local produce affordable
May 5, 2010: Clergy breakfast inspires faith-based health and equity work
April 27, 2010: EMO awards Norene Goplen "Ecumenist of the Year"
April 27, 2010: EMO honors Blue Mountain Eagle with "Two Pauls Award"
April 27, 2010: EMO awards Albina Ministerial Alliance humanitarian award
April 27, 2010: EMO honors Hood River Valley Christian Church with service award
April 27, 2010: EMO honors the Luis Palau Association's "Season of Service"
April 26, 2010: Director of Pew Forum on Religion to address religious leaders on church hospitality
April 26, 2010: Community garden and kitchen workshops to inspire and educate faith communities
April 6, 2010: Enjoy Portland's amazing restaurant scene while helping local HIV/AIDS service organizations
Feb. 24, 2010: EMO praises Legislature for passage of HB3686
Jan. 25, 2010: SOAR Immigration/Legal Services responds to the earthquake in Haiti
Jan. 8, 2010: Summit inspires faith-based Earth care

11/19/09: EMO applauds call to repeal ORS 342.650, which prohibits religious dress worn by public school teachers
11/10/09: EMO Executive Director David Leslie honored with national ecumenical award
11/6/09: EMO Statement of Fort Hood tragedy
10/24/09: Climate rally draws hundreds in Portland
10/20/09: Portland area to join 350-Mile Oregon Coast Walk on Oct. 24
10/6/09: EMO urges "Yes" vote to retain two revenue measures passed by 2009 Legislative Session
10/3/09: Darrell Grant, Marilyn Keller and P'nai Or Choir join EMO in honoring Pastor, Rabbi, Habitat, Jubilee
9/23/09: Earth stewardship sermons honored
9/15/09: Food Summit offers new ways to quell hunger, improve communities
8/2/09: EMO awards the Rev. Mark Knutson "Ecumenist of the Year"
8/2/09: EMO awards "Two Paul Award" posthumously to Rabbi Aryeh Hirschfield
8/2/09: EMO honors McMinnville Area Habitat for Humanity with service award
8/2/09: EMO honors Madras United Methodist Church with service award
8/2/09: EMO honors Jubilee Oregon with humanitarian award
8/13/09: Religious leaders call for civility during August congressional recess
8/12/09: Cooking classes teach kids healthy eating
7/17/09: OIPL applauds vote on historic clean energy and climate protection bill
6/29/09: IPL leaders thank Congressman Schrader for voting to protect Creation
5/29/09: EMO applauds Oregon Legislature for passage of workplace religious liberty bill
5/21/09: EMO installs new leadership
4/8/09: EMO calls on Oregon Legislature to pass Family Leave Insurance Bill
3/30/09: EMO receives Robert Wood Johnson grant to combat childhood obesity
(Portland release), (Benton County release)
3/2/09: "Interfaith community advocates for climate stewardship at Oregon state capitol"
2/4/09: "Milton-Freewater workshops help congregations, households save energy and money"
2/4/09: "Pasco workshops help congregations, households save energy and money"
2/4/09: "RIchland workshops help congregations, households save energy and money"
2/2/09: "Interfaith Advocacy Day 2009" will advocate for those hit hard by economic crisis

11/6/08: Workshops help congregations, households save energy and money
10/24/08: Green building for sacred spaces
9/30/08: OIPL honors authors of Earth Stewardship sermons
9/23/08: Workshops help congregations, households save energy and money
9/11/08: EMO issues recommendations on 2008 ballot measures
8/4/08: ROSS awarded funds to expand breast and cervical health education and support
7/28/08: Everyone Eats! Community Food Assessment for north and inner northeast Portland is now available
7/2/08: Battle for the Soul of the Nation: Secular and religious organizations co-sponsor forum on ethics of torture and human rights
5/29/08: Caring for Creation: Workshops help congregations, households develop five-year plan for reducing carbon footprint
5/28/08: EMO elects new board leadership
5/15/08: Congregations challenge each other to reduce carbon footprints
4/22/08: EMO honors William Apel with religious education award
4/22/08: EMO honors Sts. Peter & Paul Episcopal Church for its community service to those in need in southeast Portland
4/22/08: EMO honors ORVOAD with service award
4/22/08: EMO honors Mercy Corps with humanitarian award
4/22/08: EMO awards Tom O'Connor, PhD, "Ecumenist of the Year"
4/14/08: Earth Day workshop helps congregations go green
2/15/08: Faith leaders thank Senators Gordon Smith, Ron Wyden for their vote to end U.S. use of torture
1/29/08: Religious leaders take stand against torture by CIA
1/25/08: EMO endorses statement to end siege of Gaza

11/15/07: Ecumenical group meets with prison chaplains and inmates at the Oregon State Penitentiary
10/29/07: NE Emergency Food Program wille xpand services in new location
10/24/07: Religious leaders speak out for children's health care; Diverse faith traditions urge a yes vote on Oregon Measure 50 (view list of supporters)
10/23/07: Caring for Creation: Workshops help congregations, households develop five-year plan for reducing carbon footprint
10/12/07: Caring for Creation: Workshops help congregations, households develop five-year plan for reducing carbon footprint
10/11/07: "From Despair to Hope": Interfaith community responds to poverty crisis with conference and Collins Lecture featuring E.J. Dionne, Jr.
10/5/07: Everyone Eats!: Community organizers and researchers present results of north/northeast Portland food assessment
9/17/07: Workshop helps congregations Go Green
8/27/07: Religious leaders launch online store to reduce global warming emissions
8/8/07: OIPL offers resources and workshops to help congregations save energy, money and creation
8/2/07: Congregation hosts "Village Market"
8/2/07: Congregations support local farmers through new marketing opportunities
7/9/07: "Everyone Eats!" leaders want to know: How can fresh, healthy food be available for all?
6/13/07: EMO expresses condemnation of immigration raid at Del Monte plant in Portland
5/30/07: OpEd "When the right thing is the prudent thing"
5/29/07: Day Center celebrates 18 years of service to HIV/AIDS community
5/3/07: EMO honors retiring Hillsboro Police Chief Ron Louie with humanitarian award
5/3/07: EMO awards the Rev. Richard Sirianni, Catholic priest and Oregon Air National Guard chaplain, "Ecumenist of the Year"
5/3/07: EMO honors "That's My Farmer" and its founder Rev. John Pitney with service award
5/3/07: EMO honors La Pine residents Ron and NaDynne Lewis for their volunteer work
4/19/07: Caring for Creation workshop: La Grande and Portland
OpEd "On the occasion of the shooting at Virginia Tech" by David Leslie
3/14/07: Rodney Page Center opens at historic Patton Home in north Portland
2/1/07: EMO names Kevin Finney to lead public policy advocacy work

Op-Ed Archives

August 9, 2015, Cost of the Shell Oil protest, by Jan Elfers and Jenny Holmes
Dec. 11, 2014, EMO letter to the editor regarding Senate Torture Report
Oct. 9, 2014, "EMO urges Oregon voters to vote "yes" on Measure 88," by David Leslie
July 15, 2013, "Guest Opinion: Public deserves to know what's in CIA torture report," The Oregonian
Oct. 19, 2012: Inflammatory ads on Tri-Met
April 28, 2011: A Moral Challenge: Calling on our legislators to reverse course on proposed budget cuts to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program
Nov. 29, 2010: EMO response to attempted bombing in Portland
Aug. 29, 2010: Oregonian editorial, EMO speaks out on Cordoba Community Center and Mosque in New York, by David Leslie
July 29, 2010: "We stand united for immigration reform," submitted by David Leslie, Fr. Bill Minkel, Rev. Dr. David Wheeler and Rabbi Joseph Wolf, Oregonian
June 17, 2010: "Ending U.S.-sponsored torture forever," submitted by the Rev. Dr. Lorne Bostwick and David Leslie to the Eugene Register Guard
June 15, 2010: Response to Oregonian editorial, "Figuring Oregon's take from a private casino," by David Leslie
January 11, 2010: "Closing Guantanamo: Time to put torture behind us—forever," by David Leslie and Joseph Wolf, The Oregonian
November 6, 2009: "The Oregon lottery: Let's wean ourselves from our addiction," by David Leslie, The Oregonian
August 12, 2009: "Renewed calls for civility as health care town halls heat up," The Oregonian
7/3/07 in the Eugene Register Guard: "Guest Viewpoint: We must make peace in Middle East" by Rev. Dr. Daniel Bryant (former EMO Board President) and Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin
5/31/07 in the Oregonian: "When the right thing is the prudent thing" by David Leslie, EMO executive director, and Robin Christian, Children First in Oregon executive director