Expanding Emotional Intelligence (virtual workshop)

We live in a society where most of us have never had any formal education about emotions - let's change that! We'll learn what emotions are, how they work, and how to deal more effectively with our own emotions and other people's. Other topics include mind/body connection, "good/bad" emotions, thoughts versus feelings, and how emotions … Continue reading Expanding Emotional Intelligence (virtual workshop)


Wild Communion (Forest Bathing)

You remember, right? When you were a kid and you connected to something wild? And you felt like you belonged to something so much bigger? You forgot to be worried, instead you felt alive and filled with wonder. Engaging with Creation in a contemplative way is a spiritual practice we need right now. Can we … Continue reading Wild Communion (Forest Bathing)


Mindfulness Mandala (virtual workshop)

Northwest Catholic Counseling Center 8383 NE Sandy Blvd., Suite 205, Portland

Have you been struggling to practice your mindfulness regularly? Does finding a creative outlet in your life feel impossible? Are you overwhelmed by the concept of a meditation practice? Mindfulness, creativity and meditation all help manage depression and anxiety. You do not need to be an experienced artist to reap the benefits of art therapy. … Continue reading Mindfulness Mandala (virtual workshop)


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