We have a moral responsibility to support those looking for relief from persecution and discrimination. Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon is one of the key organizations in Oregon helping to do this work.

The resettlement process is complicated. It involves cross cultural education, logistical assistance, emotional support, legal assistance, and much more. We know that people of faith and good will want to help. We need financial support and volunteers. Would you join us in welcoming refugees to Oregon?


location 245 S Bancroft St., Suite B, Portland, OR 97239
phone (503) 221-1054
fax (503) 223-7007
email emo@emoregon.org

There are many challenges facing refugee families resettling in Oregon. One of the greatest challenges is setting up a household with very limited resources. If you or your faith community is interested in sponsoring a refugee family as they establish a new home in Oregon, you can do so with a $6,500 contribution. This would provide:
    • 3-4 months of rent
    • 12 months of groceries
    • Basic household items

Contact Kristi Baack at kbaack@emoregon.org to learn more.