Will your community join us on Criminal Justice Sabbath? Will you be one of the communities lifting up the ways the justice system impacts us all?

We are inviting communities to hold their Criminal Justice Sabbath over the weekend of July 6-8, 2018. If you can't take part then, you're still welcome to join us, on a date that works best for your community.

There's no one way to hold a Criminal Justice Sabbath, and what this event looks like will depend on your faith tradition and the stories of people in your community. You can include a special prayer in your worship service, screen an educational film (such as the documentary 13th), use your sermon or message to speak about violence or mass incarceration, host a table to sign letters to agency officials, hold a drive for toys or other items needed by people in prisons and their families, offer a blessing to members of your congregation who volunteer or work in correctional facilities, host a restorative justice training with your youth group, or receive a special offering for victim service agencies or for groups (like ours!) working for justice.

You can also bring a guest speaker to join your worship service or an educational opportunity. Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon's Criminal Justice Ministries has a speakers' bureau with volunteers in the Portland and Eugene areas who are eager to join you and help teach, preach, or facilitate conversations. Our speakers each have seminary training from diverse religious backgrounds. We also have policy experts on staff who can address a range of advocacy opportunities. Contact us at cosa@emoregon.org to invite us to join you!

If you've already started planning your congregation's Criminal Justice Sabbath, great! Please let us know you'll be joining us, so we can promote how many groups are taking part. If you haven't started planning your Criminal Justice Sabbath, feel free to get in touch with us as soon as you're ready. Contact us at cosa@emoregon.org, and we will talk through options with you to make the most of your day.

Download the 2018 Criminal Justice Sabbath Guide for resources for worship, preaching, adult education, and action.

Faith ​leaders, spiritual directors, outreach or mission committees,​ teachers,​ education groups, and​ individuals​:​ please read and use this guide in your community, to learn and act for justice.

Find the full text of sermons other faith leaders have given for Criminal Justice Sabbath:
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