Criminal Justice Sabbath: It’s all one struggle

The nation’s eyes are on our justice system.

The traumas children and parents are facing at our border are heart-breaking. Their stories should transform our legal system, our foster care system, and our politics.

Sadly, we know that it is not only kids at the border who are separated from their parents by incarceration, nor the only ones burdened by its impacts.

Over the weekend of July 6-8, EMO invites Oregonians to listen to stories at the heart of our justice system from people who:

Have survived crime and violence
Are or have been in prison
Work or volunteer in prisons, courts, law enforcement, jails and supervision
Work in domestic violence shelters and foster care
Have experienced our inhospitable immigration system
And those who have known what it is to be a child impacted by crime, violence, and mass incarceration.

Learn about ways your faith community can take part.

If you’ve already started planning your congregation’s Criminal Justice Sabbath, let us know you’ll be joining us.
If you haven’t started planning your Criminal Justice Sabbath, feel free to get in touch with us as soon as you’re ready for ideas or resources.

EMO’s annual Criminal Justice Sabbath resource guide is available online, for inspiration as well as a list of educational resources.

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