Portland Metro Area

Christ Church Episcopal Parish
Location: 1060 Chandler Road, Lake Oswego.
Parking lots are available for RV parking. There is no access to building at this time.
Contact Alison Schultz at aschultz@ccparish.org for further information.

Christ United Methodist Church
Location: 12755 NW Dogwood St., Portland.
There are 84 parking spaces available. There is access to water. Pets welcome. No restrooms or inside access available. No supervision on site.
Contact: Ric Shewell at ricshewell@gmail.com or (208) 562-9877.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Beaverton Oregon Stake
Location: 4195 SW 99th Ave, Beaverton.
Two large parking lots (each having spaces for approximately 90 cars), and two smaller parking lots (approximately 25 spaces each). There are no restrooms or water available. Domestic pets are allowed. No supervision on site.
Contact: EMO via Facebook for more information.

First Congregational United Church of Christ of Portland
Location: 1126 SW Park, Portland.
Space for 1 to 2 families, up to 8 people. There will be access to water and restrooms. Dogs are allowed. No showers are available, temporary emergency shelter only. There will be supervision on site.
Contact: EMO via Facebook for more information.

Forest Grove United Church of Christ
Location: 2032 College Way, Forest Grove.
Church congregants can host evacuees and there is space in and around the church.
Contact: To make arrangements, contact the Rev. Brendan Curran at brendan@fgucc.org or (401) 318-2447.

Lynchwood Christian Church>
Location: 3815 SE 174th, Portland.
Providing their entire back parking lot for RVs and cars. ADA restrooms and water available. No showers. Pets welcome.
Contact: Kevin Gifford at gifford.kevin.r@gmail.com or (503) 933-7613; church admin phone number is (503) 740-2403.

Moreland Presbyterian Church
Location: 1814 SE Bybee Blvd., Portland.
Space for up to 4 campers/RV's through September 21. No hookups available. No restrooms. Pets allowed. Outside water available. No supervision on site.
Contact: Mark Pennington at markapennington@gmail.com or (503) 729-1920.

Our Lady of La Vang Parish/Giáo Xứ Đức Mẹ La Vang
Location: 11731 SE Steven Road, Happy Valley (near Sunnyside and 205 with the large neon cross on top).
Special Instructions: Evacuees can use the parking lot of the former New Hope Church building. Use the northwest parking lot (adjacent to Sunnyside Little Chapel of the Chimes & Memorial Gardens) or the southeast parking lot (adjacent to Stevens Orchard Apartments). There is water access onsite, pets are allowed. There is no interior or bathroom access.

Parkrose Community United Church of Christ
Location: 12505 NE Halsey St., Portland.
There are 30 parking spaces available. There will be access to restrooms, water and a phone charging station. Pets are welcome. There will not be supervision on site.
Contact: Aaron weekdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the church office, (503) 253-5457 or office@parkroseucc.org. At other times, contact Pastor Dianne at (516) 673-1231 or blackswan57@parkroseucc.org.

Peace Church of the Brethren
Location: 12727 SE Market St., Portland.
There is a parking lot with room for one or two RVs and 10 to 12 vehicles. Yard around the church is available for about 10 tents. No restrooms. Outdoor water spigot. Pets on a leash. There will be some supervision on property, not constant.
Please contact church office for permission to spend the night: peacecob@gmail.com or (503) 254-6380.

St. Luke's Episcopal Church
Location: 120 SW Towle Ave., Gresham.
There are three large rooms each with access to their own bathroom. Each can accommodate a large family group and each can remain isolated from the other for covid-19 safety. There is also a large parking lot with space for 3 to 4 campers/RVs, depending on their size; bathroom availability will depend on how many indoor occupants there are. Supervision on site.
Contact: Rev. Sara Cosca-Warfield at revsara@saintlukesgresham.org or (503) 665-9442.

St. Philip the Deacon Episcopal Parish
Location: 120 NE Knott, Portland.
Parking lot behind the church (on NE Rodney) with space for 7 vehicles. Pets welcome. Portable toilets and access to water available. Our neighbors include an established homeless camp across the street. No supervision on site, and no inside access available.
Contact: Cynthia Faust, clfaust60@gmail.com or (541) 678-8194.

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
Location: 147 NW 19th Ave., Portland.
They currently have 12 rooms available (one individual or one family per room). They are also providing space in their parking lot. There will be access to water and restrooms. Pets are allowed. There will be supervision on site.
Contact: Dean Nathan LeRud at (504) 478-1217.

Valley Community Presbyterian Church
Location: 8060 SW Brentwood Street, Portland.
Outside there is 16,500 square feet divided in three areas: two grass, one paved. Inside available if needed. Restrooms and water available. Pets allowed (with restrictions).
Contact: EMO via Facebook for more information.

Waverly United Church of Christ
Location: 3300 SE Woodward St., Portland.
There is a parking lot big enough for 5 to 7 RV's and a grassy area for 2 to 3 tents. Possible indoor space available, as needed. Bathrooms, kitchen, power and water are available. Small dogs on leash or cats in crates allowed.
Contact: Andrew Millar at adjmillar@gmail.com or (503) 476-1064.

Westminster Presbyterian
Location: 1624 NE Hancock, Portland.
Church courtyard available M-F after 6 p.m. and any time on weekends. It's 50 by 50 feet and has a play structure. They also have 77 spaces in their parking lot. Some indoor space is available as needed. Restrooms and water is available. There will be supervision on site.
Contact: EMO via Facebook for more information.

Other Regions

Ascension School Camp and Conference Center in Cove
Location: 1104 Church St., Cove, Ore.
There is a large field (over four acres). The camp has 6 full RV hookups and options for partial hookups. They also have inside bunkhouse options with bathrooms and showers; over 70 beds available. Other onsite community spaces include a dining hall. They are able to create fenced areas for animals. There is supervision on property.
Contact: Amy Jayne at amy@coveascensionschool.com or (541) 568-4514.

Bend Church
Location: 680 NW Bond Street, Bend.
Small parking lot in downtown Bend. Water and restrooms are available. Supervision on site. In the case of extreme emergency there is a large gym space for inside shelter.Contact: EMO via Facebook for more information.

Bethel United Church of Christ in White Salmon
Location: 480 E. Jewett Blvd., White Salmon, Wash.
Inside space for 4 to 6 family groups, parking lot space for about 25 cars, and a grass area for 6 to 8 tents. Restrooms and water will be available, along with kitchen space for food. There will be some supervision on site.
Contact: Rev. Laura Robinson at pastorlaura@bethelwhitesalmon.org or (206) 465-1379.

First Congregational Church of Eugene
Location: 1050 E 23rd Ave., Eugene.
There is three-quarters of an acre available. They also have several large rooms and classroom space available. Restrooms and water available. Pets allowed outdoors. Supervision on site.
Contact: Rev. Jonathan Morgan at jonathanm@fcceugene.org or (541) 636-7211.

First Presbyterian Church of Medford
Location: 85 South Holly, Medford. They have room for about 25 individuals who can be housed indoors. Access to water and restrooms. Pets allowed. Site will be supervised.
Contact: Murray Richmond at pastorrichmond@firstpresmedford.org or (907) 347-3365.

Normandy Park United Church of Christ
Location: 19247 First Ave. S, Normandy Park, Wash.
Parking lot space for up to 4 RVs depending on size. Restrooms available at certain times, but not 24/7. Water available. Pets allowed. Supervision on site 4 days a week.
Contact:EMO via Facebook for more information.