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EMO's HIV Services provides assistance for low-income people living with HIV / AIDS, including nutrition, socialization and counseling. Volunteers for HIV Services deliver meals to homebound individuals, transport food to the HIV Day Center, help in the kitchen, provide activities for clients and assist with regular HIV Day Center activities.

Below is a list of possible volunteer opportunities. To view our current volunteer needs, please visit Volunteer Match.

Volunteer Opportunities (weekdays only)

Meal Delivery Driver – Deliver nutritious packaged meals to homebound people with HIV / AIDS in the greater Portland area; one Wednesday or Thursday each week, one to three hours.

Day Center Kitchen Support Volunteer – Provide support to Day Center staff in meal preparation and serving, dishwashing and cleanup; one morning per week.

Day Center Support:
• Arts and Crafts Volunteer
• Literacy Tutor
• Reiki or Acupuncture (ears only) Therapist
• Other creative skills


Day Center location
2941 NE Ainsworth, Portland, OR 97211
phone (503) 460-3822
fax (503) 460-3933
Taylor Silvey, Program Manager